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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling,
graduate engineer and communication scientist,
life-coach and management-consultant, author of several international bestsellers and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world.
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Klaus once said about himself and his work:

"In the eyes of our ancestors, certain qualities of life are not divisible, for example: happiness, trust, life-success, authenticity, clarity, joy, connectedness, life-purpose and meaning.
All this should always cover one’s entire person and life. Only against this background, my work as coach and consultant and my being with horses can be fully recognised.
Since decades I work as life-coach and management-consultant also and beneficially against my broad background of authentic experience with horses and their true nature.

But I'm not a horseman, not a rider in the common sense, though I first became known concerning my special being with and teaching about horses, based on inner strength, body-language, immediate bonding and 100% non-violence.

Basically, the questions of authentic human culture have driven me during my life and finally, historically and energetically motivated, also to the horses. And the peaceful and highly sensitive contact with horses then only brought me ever closer to the fundamental questions of human beings and their way of life.
In my daily practice, sometimes the emphasis is more on the teaching of being authentically with horses and sometimes more or exclusively on the general understanding of how to live as a grounded and adult person, who clearly has his genuine purpose and life-goal in mind - concerning personal, societal or business issues." KFH

After his time as a university teacher and after years of research in the Pyrenees, Klaus came for the first time to the horses at the age of 29 years. Just one year later he published his international bestseller “Dancing With Horses”.
Here Klaus’s beginnings 30 years ago:

Most seen on YouTube – 3M views:

“A problem is never the problem…”: Fundamentals of personal and professional foresight, general safety and one’s individual and authentic purpose of life.

"For me, as a professional 'trouble shooter' this aspect is particularly important: The problem itself is never the real problem, no matter how insurmountable it seems. Only the immature, inappropriate handling concerning the challenge then creates the problem.

In turn this indicates, that every problem can be solved by mature, grounded, clear and appropriate contemplation, preparation and action.
And as an encore: every solved problem is a great step on the way to life-wisdom and therefore serves to stabilize the foundations of one's life-path."

“There is something superior to all fate and external influence:
the inner strength, steadfastness and perseverance of a conscious, mature character.” KFH

"One of my basic coaching-themes deals with the question of authentic accountability, of foresight in many aspects and one’s own sense of maturity in all kind of actions.
One basic ancient idea of being with horses is, to lead people explicitly to their adult responsibility and self-awareness. Little, or even not known is, that it has been clearly differentiated for our ancestors, whether the in general important path is taken by a woman or a man.
With my work I also try to shed light on this important aspect.

Living in a world, that is seemingly becoming more and more inauthentic and altogether more trivial-infantile and with this unpredictable, this aspect appears to me as an elementary focus for every single one." KFH

One of Klaus’ first public demonstrations shows, how personal-authentic qualities create immediate change, together with horses or in life in general:

Recently published:

Overview of the 8 most important
and characteristic features
regarding the horse work of KFH,

his unique foundation from the beginning, with a mutual influence concerning his being as life-coach and management-consultant:
1. 100% Non-violence in all cases and under all circumstances caused by the horse's immediate authentic acceptance of the horse-person.
2. Immediate recognition of the horse, its individual essence, its possibilities, limitations and its way to an optimal, well-being and expression.
3. Problem-diagnosis and solving during the first encounter, even concerning severe difficulties.
4. Immediate connection with the horse - trusting harmony from the beginning  through body-language and inner strength - the human being as role model.
5. The shaping and collection of the free horse towards an upright, healthy and self-supporting posture through body-language and positioning.
6. Collected riding on a loose rein through KFH Signal-Weight-Riding and prior thorough preparation of the free and collected horse from the ground.
7. Extending human consciousness and expression through the authentic immersion into the world of the horse, their primal nature and their language.
8. To grasp and rediscover the human-horse  relationship as a genuine  opportunity of personal development. A forgotten cultural heritage of humanity.

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Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world